Haisla Collins is an artist of mostly Tsimshian, Nisga’a, Gitxsan and Celtic ancestry living and working in Vancouver BC.  She has a BFA from Emily Carr University, 6 years of performance coaching and singing lessons from the local legend Jazz singer, Ron Small, and social sciences from Langara Collage. She has been actively teaching art and indigenous cultural traditions and creating community since 2010 in the DTES comunity of Vancouver BC. 

Her work is heavily influenced by Modernism, formline Northwest Coast design, Chinese, Egyptian, Hindo and Mexican art forms, DTES community of artists and traditional peoples all over the world. Her work is expressionistic, whimsical bold and bright. And engages in indigenous story telling and culture. 

Haisla is best known for her work “Sisters, Daughter, Clan Mothers”2019, A mural above the elevators on the main floor of the Vancouver Public library, and her work on “Spirits of the realms”(2017) a mural on 600 Beatty Street as well as the 2016 BIG PRINT PROJECT in China Town, she is the former coordinator of the Aboriginal Artisan Program and Raven’s Eye Mentorship Program, and is currently the community Leader of Indigenous Women Artist collective and member of Raven’s Eye Studio. She has also been involved in many public art projects, and events, has juried submissions and been involved with orchestrating and participating in community environments. She is also a singer and harmonica player with blues and roots band “Nasty, Brutish and Short”